Egg of the Universe, Rozelle (Sydney)

After deciding to head somewhere different for breakfast, we ended up at Rozelle last week and headed to Egg of the Universe, a recently opened high integrity wholefoods café that is also owned by the bodymindlife yoga studio in the same building.

Upon walking into the courtyard, wooden tables surround a beautiful elm tree right in the centre that provides just the right amount of shade when the sun comes through. It was a good change from the usual packed and noisy café with enough echoes to give us all a headache. This zen garden exudes the kind of serenity and peacefulness one can hardly find in Sydney.

Poached Fruit & Granola $15
Seasonal poached fruit, activated gluten-free grains, nuts & seeds with house coconut yoghurt & kefir shot
Avocado, Tomato $15
Whey & rye sourdough, hemp, oregano, basil
Bacon & Eggs $18
Feather & bone bacon, organic eggs, whey & rye sourdough, house fermented tomato ketchup & pickle juice shot

The food on the whole was beautifully crafted, and with wholesome and minimally processed foods these taste refreshing and different. The Granola was in between crunchy and mushy, but the combination of all the different flavours made it so uniquely tasty. I ate the Avocado, Tomato which had amazing sourdough and along with the freshness of all the components, it tasted even better than the usual avo on sourdough such that I completely cleaned my plate. I didn’t get to try the Bacon & Eggs but my friend C had it and I believe she was satisfied too!

I will most definitely be back to try their lunch menu soon(especially interested in the slow-cooked biodynamic lamb, roots and grains, and perfect circle salad!). This time on a day with more time to spare and possibly a book in hand.

711 Darling St
(02) 9810 3146

Opening Hours:
Mon – Fri: 7AM – 4PM
Sat – Sun: 8AM – 4PM


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