Tramshed – Take 2! (London)

If you recall, sometime last year, I visited Tramshed so I could try it out on AB‘s behalf, and ended up loving it (see post here). And so, since AB was swinging into London for the week, we decided that we simply had to go there to fuel up before a night out in Shoreditch to celebrate AC‘s birthday!

I arrived at 630PM and the restaurant was relatively empty still. I was early – as I invariably tend to be – so I sat down first and yabbered on and on to the incredibly friendly staff… Then I decided to start my night without them! :D



Espresso martini (£9.75)


Always a favorite of mine. This wasn’t nearly strong enough though, so I tried their Four Roses whiskey later on as well – pretty good.

After the girls arrived and we (I, really)  had squealed more than amply, they ordered their vino, and we put in our orders for food.


Yorkshire pudding with whipped chicken livers (£3.95)

Yorkshire pudding with whipped chicken livers (£3.95)


I didn’t get to try this the last time round but I knew I absolutely had to get it this time! It arrived at our table, golden-brown and puffed up proudly in all its glory. We admired it for all but 2 minutes before I unceremoniously lifted the whole thing onto my plate and watched it collapse and die under my knife and fork as I portioned it out for us. The Yorkshire pudding was great but then they almost always are rather fabulous. But those whipped chicken livers??

I have a soft spot for liver, and love everything from the decadent and creamy foie gras to its decidedly smellier and rather more dubious counterpart of pig’s liver, which we eat back home, boiled in pig’s organ soup and doused with chilli – YUM. Unfortunately, neither AB nor AC  like liver ordinarily, but they very gamely gave it a go, and actually found it palatable, so that made me very pleased. But let’s hear from someone who actually enjoys liver (i.e. me), shall we?

From liver-lover to liver-lover, these whipped chicken livers were incredible. Lightly whipped, it had a mousse-like consistency, but not in that disappointingly airy way that just deflates in your mouth – it melts in your mouth instead into something cool and creamy. It doesn’t have the jelly-like consistency of terrines and parfaits, which I find a bit icky, and whereas pâté can be a bit coarse and unrefined, this was smooth and perfect. I really, really liked it. I do suggest you try this, even if you are rather more lily-livered than liver-lover (TRY SAYING THAT 10 TIMES IN A ROW).

There wasn’t really any question about what we were going to get for mains. Or rather, I dogmatically insisted on it and the 2 of them were far too sweet and nice to say no… :’)


Swainson House Farm Roast Chicken with baked garlic sauce and chips (for 2-3 to share) (£25)

Swainson House Farm Roast Chicken with baked garlic sauce and chips (for 2-3 to share) (£25)


It is really good though. It’s definitely the most popular item on the menu – you should’ve seen the number of chickens that were being ferried out of the kitchen. The waiter will carve it for you at your request, and also supply you with a gravy boat and a myriad of other sauces, though I must insist that you request for some bearnaise (which they don’t give to you otherwise), which is my personal favorite. Moist, succulent and super tasty, I enjoyed it just as much as I had on my last visit.


Buttered Winter Greens (£3.95/£6.75)

Buttered Winter Greens (£3.95/£6.75)


AB wanted to order this because she needed some veg in her life. Now, in a perfect world, I would ideally be able to tell you what vegetable this was. However, as we live in an imperfect world, I will simply hazard a guess that, if the slight bitterness in taste and squeakiness of the leaves are anything to go by, that these were brussels sprouts, and you shall have to take my word for it.

And then it was desert. We had to get this. We simply had to.


Salted caramel fondue with marshmallows and doughnuts (£12.50)

Salted caramel fondue with marshmallows and doughnuts (£12.50)


I’d panicked a bit earlier on when N told me that they were doing a milk chocolate fondue instead of the salted caramel one when she returned the other day. So I was really pleasantly surprised when I saw that the salted caramel fondue was back on the menu last night! The waitress told me that they switch it up occasionally but I was like, AHHHHHHH PLEASE NEVER CHANGEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! I will eat ANYTHING draped in that hot luscious amber liquid. ANYTHING, I tell you.

But why would I eat just any old thing when I can eat those heavenly marshmallows?!?! They were just as delicious as I remembered, and I simply had to beg the really sweet waiter for more. Luckily enough he obliged, setting down a plate of flabulously fat, fluffy marshies, while simultaneously extracting a promise from us that we would evacuate soon so that he could give our table to someone else (the restaurant was filled to the brim at this point). Now, on most other occasions I would have been really annoyed at being asked to leave, but since we were done with dinner anyway, and were planning on moving on to a bar shortly after, I didn’t mind in the least. It was actually a rather small price to pay for free marshmallows, in my book.

I really do like this place and highly recommend it but I doubt I’ll be returning any time soon myself because I would most likely only ever order the same things when I come here.

After we had paid, we moved on to Barrio East, where we had our drinks set on fire, and as almost invariably always happens, we ended up at McDs, when I experienced déjà vu in the form of nuggets and fries, essentially a much cheaper version of our dinner. Really good night with some wonderful, wonderful people I love very much. :’)


32 Rivington Street
Monday & Tuesday: 1130AM to 11PM
Wednesday-Saturday: 1130AM to 1230AM
Sunday: 1130AM to 10PM

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