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The Boathouse Balmoral (Sydney)

We would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas from the both of us at TAG! :) Thank you again for all your support and we look forward to growing (in size and flabs) with you through 2014!

As I’m feeling homesick for Sydney, it’s time for a post on one of the prettiest cafés – the Boathouse at Balmoral. SM raved about this place after he took a visit to Sydney in May and insisted I MUST GO asap. I definitely did, and have been there a couple of times after. Balmoral Beach is simply gorgeous, and different from many other Sydney Beaches. It’s definitely more serene, less crowded and gives off a certain European-Beach-ish feel. It might be out of the way for those who don’t drive, but it’s worth a trip down there especially when the weather is fantastic.



And this is what the boathouse looks like.



On weekdays, there usually is an ample amount of seats and even when it’s crowded the turnover is pretty high so just take in the scenery and wait around for a table to free up.


We started off with some Sparkling Rosé to kickstart our beautiful day in the sun. (Although we did get quite a tan while waiting for lunch, we did continue absorbing more sun on the beach after food.)



Three Williams (Sydney)

I’ve got the midnight munchies and I only have one place on my mind – THREE WILLIAMS AT REDFERN. One of the amazing discoveries found just before I left Sydney a week ago and one I would regret not going to before getting on the plane back to SG. I dragged A, B & C along for brunch after I was finally done with packing and mad starving. Located on Elizabeth St in between Central and Redfern (before Redfern Park), it is a new venture opened by Glen Bowditch (former manager at the Grounds – always great to see a familiar friendly face!) and Tim Bryan (former chef of Aria & Chiswick). I was already so psyched about going there I did have high expectations for the place, but I’m proud to say Three Williams has got me craving for them everyday since I’ve left Sydney.



We started off with some drinks. I had a flat white (very good, yum single origin!), B had the berry smoothie and A & C both had iced coffees which came with sweetened condensed milk – such a brilliant idea.

IMG_0669 Flat white

IMG_0670 Iced Coffee

IMG_0672 Berry Smoothie

Then, we had the CHIPS. Beer battered chips with aioli that left us all speechless and most definitely the best I’ve ever had. I’m not too sure what else to say except that if you are in the continent of Australia, you MUST get these chips to understand how we felt at that moment.

IMG_0674Beer battered chips with aioli

C was in a breakfast mood and went for eggs. They were perfectly poached (I would post photos of egg porn if I had somehow made it look less gross), serrano ham was of course beautiful, and the combination of the feta and dukkah made this breakfast so memorable.

IMG_0675 Poached eggs, marinated bull horn peppers, serrano ham, feta, dukkah, on toast

AND THEN WE HAD THE NARNIES. (Naan sandwiches!)

Heavenly nannies made with so much love and filling it could fill the biggest hole in anyone’s heart.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetGrilled prawns, avocado, sweet corn and tomato salsa with aioli

I felt like I momentarily died and went to Narnie heaven, if there’s even such a thing. The grilled prawns were absolutely delicious, and together with the corn and avo and tomato salsa, this is one of my favourite salad combis and put together in a narnie just makes life perfect.

IMG_0679 Glazed beef brisket, slaw, gherkins, chipotle mayo

B had the beef brisket narnie which although does not look appetising thanks to my terrible iPhone camera, it is so, so heavenly. I politely asked for a bite of it, but when he wasn’t looking I took 3 huge bites so I could have more of that soft, tender, flavourful beef. As a fan of gherkins, the narnie combination was beautiful and balanced out the beefy taste.


They’ve also got a very cute play corner/chalkboard corner, making it a very child-friendly place while parents might be busy chomping down their breakfast/narnies. I also love how it’s called Willy’s Corner hahahaha.


Three Williams is definitely one of my new favourite cafés and one that I’m going to rave to friends about for the next few months. I miss the taste of narnies very dearly, and I would do anything for some of their beer-battered chips right now even as I write this in a city of food like Hong Kong.

Three Williams Cafe

613a Elizabeth St
Redfern NSW 2016
Opening hours:
Daily 7AM – 3PM (kitchen)

Chiswick (Sydney)

Located in the quiet yet beautiful suburb of Woollahra is the charming paradise of Chiswick Gardens. This is just about the most beautiful restaurant I’ve been to in Sydney and it’s the sort of place to dress up to and time-travel into a F. Scott Fitzgerald novel. Owned by Matt Moran and Peter Sullivan, Chiswick is nothing like Aria on the Circular Quay waterfront. I love how casual yet chic, simple yet fancy this place is, and everything about Chiswick just makes me so excited!




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