Bravas Tapas (London)

Everyone who eats with me knows that I have some trouble sharing food – though I have gotten much better over the years – and that if I’m willing to share, I must like you quite enough (or not like the food a whole lot hahaha). Tapas and dim sum are exceptions to the rule though, since the whole premise there is sharing.

I’d read about this place a really long time ago and have been meaning to come since it very first opened because of one dish in particular: the foie gras creme catalana, which we’ll get to in a mo. But it’s taken me something like… a year? Sorry folks! Still, I’ve heard a lot of great stuff about it, and I’m glad I came here to try it for myself!

It’s a short walk from Tower Hill/Gateway stations, located along Saint Katharine Docks, which must be one of the prettiest places in London.

Obviously this picture doesn’t do it justice because little cold me was hustling along to the restaurant in the dusk!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

I also want to apologise in advance for how much of an Essex-tinge the photos have but I blame the low lighting! It’s a shame though, as the food was all really quite beautiful.

So. As per usual with virtually all my friends, I was playing the waiting game, which, thankfully, was made quite bearable with my new friend Estrella.



Anyway. As always with tapas, you should get about 3 dishes per person.

Fresh Salmon ‘Rulada’ - Shoestring Sweet Potato, Spicy Citrus (£7)

Fresh Salmon ‘Rulada’ – Shoestring Sweet Potato, Spicy Citrus (£7)

I hadn’t thought of ordering this at first but I simply couldn’t say no after our server had enthused so much over it! It certainly was very popular with all the other tables as well. It’s essentially a smoked salmon roulade wrapped around crispy wisps of fried sweet potato. We ended up liking this quite a lot, especially the creamy sauce that came with it, and ordered another serving later on. I’ll definitely get it again in future.


For me, patatas bravas are always a must.

Brava Potatoes - Salsa Brava, whipped-to-order aioli (£4)

Brava Potatoes – Salsa Brava, whipped-to-order aioli (£4)

We were really impressed by these mini tong-like contraptions that we were given to eat with because it meant we could pick and dunk without having to dirty our fingers. I liked that the potatoes and the condiments were served separately, so that, firstly, the spuds don’t become soggy, and secondly, you get to have every single tiny chunk of potato with the condiments, which are mighty tasty. I liked the aioli as well, which was nice and garlicky.

Gambas are another staple for me when it comes to tapas.

Gambas al Ajillo - £9

Gambas al Ajillo – £9


These were on the specials board. Unfortunately, they were really only just okay, and for me, were the only disappointment of the night. To their credit, they were fresh and crunchy, very garlicky, but lacking in punch and flavour compared to everything else. Definitely not worth the £9, with which I could’ve gotten another serving of the next dish, which I loved.

Grilled Octopus - toasted garlic, olive oil (£8)

Grilled Octopus – toasted garlic, olive oil (£8)

I mean. We all know I am completely OBSESSED with grilled octopus/squid and have to order it whenever it’s on the menu. This was great. Even though it was a little bit salty, I could definitely eat a whole plate myself. (Or four.)

Now, the next dish was the dish I absolutely had to had to haaaad to get! And the main reason I had wanted to come here in the first place.

Foie Gras ‘Crema Catalana’ - Cherries, Bellota Ham, Home Made Brioche (£11)

Foie Gras ‘Crema Catalana’ – Cherries, Bellota Ham, Home Made Brioche (£11)


If you remember how much I love the foie gras creme brûlée at Duck & Waffle (see post here), then you’ll know just how much I was looking froward to trying this! Flavor-wise, the cherries and flaked almonds were good accompaniments, and again, I liked the sweetness of the bruleed sugar crust. However, overall, I think I would still prefer the foie gras creme brûlée at D&W. Not because of the lobster, mind, but because of the flavour and texture of the actual mousse, which is just that little bit tastier and fattier. I stress that I wasn’t disappointed at all though, and would happily eat this again.



But of course, we also had to have some meats!

Roasted Iberian Pork Belly - Piquillo Pepper Glaze (£7)

Roasted Iberian Pork Belly – Piquillo Pepper Glaze (£7)

This was good. N ate it as well, even though she doesn’t normally like pork belly as she finds it too fatty. This was just right though, but be warned that the skin isn’t meant to be crispy. The meat itself was still unctuous and juicy though.



And if there’s one thing I like more than pork belly, it’s LAMB.

Moorish Spiced Lamb Chops - Rosemary Aioli (£9)

Moorish Spiced Lamb Chops – Rosemary Aioli (£9)

This was DELICIOUS. I know they don’t look like much, but it’s only because, for some strange reason, they only seared these on one side? I only discovered this belatedly when I flipped them over after taking this photo. Nevertheless, this was very tasty and desirably fatty, and paired really well with the rosemary aioli. I’ll definitely order it again.

Then it was dessert time! To be honest, I didn’t have high hopes for the desserts, but er, let’s be realistic here… that’s never really stopped me before now, has it?!

Torta de Santiago - PX, Morello Cherry (£5)

Torta de Santiago – PX, Morello Cherry (£5)

I can stomach all (or most) fruits in dessert form, but I tend to avoid cherry. I am never one to abide by the rules though – especially my own – so I ordered this anyway, hoping that I would at least enjoy the torte. Unfortunately, the main disappointment for me here turned out to be the cake. I ordered this hoping for a dense, intensely almondy cake, but it truly wasn’t that great. It was quite damp, the crumb wasn’t quite coarse enough for my liking, and in terms of flavour, I didn’t find it aromatic enough. I couldn’t really detect any PX (pedro ximenez, in case you were wondering, which is a type of sherry), so to me it didn’t taste particularly alcoholic. I wouldn’t order it again myself, and it wouldn’t be because of the cherry.



Thankfully though, the next dessert was able to make up for it. The ‘torrijas’ came highly recommended by the waiter, who hadn’t been wrong with the salmon roulade before, and certainly wasn’t wrong this time either, as this was very good indeed.

Torrijas - Caramelized brioche pudding, passion fruit sorbet (£5)

Torrijas – Caramelized brioche pudding, passion fruit sorbet (£5)


It’s essentially a cross between French toast and bread and butter pudding, much like the pain perdu at La Petite Maison (see post here). Obviously it doesn’t hold a candle to the LPM pain perdu, which is the dessert to rule them all, but it was still gorgeous, and I’ll definitely order it again in future. The pudding itself was eggy, creamy and custardy all at once, but was almost too soft, bordering a little on soggy, lacking the texture and structure of the LPM pain perdu. The accompaniments were great though – the passion fruit sorbet was bright and tart against the vanilla sweetness of the pudding, and the almond flakes provided great crunch. Yum.



Overall, I think we all really enjoyed our meal. I’ve tried quite a number of tapas places here in London and, along with Jose’s (which I promise I’ll post about sometime), this may potentially be my favourite so far. Their menu is not extremely extensive but there’s still sufficient variety to suit all palates. They have your typical tapas dishes – patatas bravas, octopus, gambas, pork belly, lamb – but all interpreted in a pretty unique way. I’m definitely returning sometime with a proper camera so that I can hopefully provide you with better pictures!







Opening times:

Mon to Sat: 12 to 1030PM

Sun: 12 to 10PM


A couple of months ago, I made the trip to Oxford to see J and, while many of you may (falsely) believe that there is a dearth of nice food in Oxford, I had the BEST TIME EVER.

Of course, I have to give credit where it’s due, and having friends who love food as much as you do is always such an advantage. I suggest you try it sometime, and stop making friends with thin and attractive people because you don’t stand to gain anything. (Except the remnants of their food after they’ve done Instagramming it, maybe. Sorry. My pet peeve lol.)

But how much can 2 Asian girls eat in 2 days, you ask? The answer is: A LOT. We will make you sorry you asked. Oh yes we will.

Our first stop on our walk back from the train station was Fudge Kitchen. I had spied it from afar and had to drag J in because! free! samples! I hate that we don’t have Fudge Kitchen in London because it is actually the best thing ever ever everrrr, and I’ve been in love with it since W first took me there in York. We ended up trying about a cumulative entire block’s worth of fudge. The best flavour was probably the Snickers, which the manager, who was the friendliest, most charming thing, was so very proud of. And for good reason! With 2 entire pots of peanut butter in it, it could only be awesome. I got a box of 4 slabs to go – Snicker’s, mocha, dark chocolate with seasalt, and my favourite, maple walnut! My record is 6 slabs on the trot. What’s yours?

IMG_8777 IMG_8778 photo 1



5 Broad Street, Oxford OX1 3AJ


First things first, J took me to the Old Parsonage Hotel for a celebratory champagne afternoon tea.

You know how quite often we go for high tea, and the multi-tiered cake stand is nothing but an awe-inspiring, show-stopping centrepiece laden with things that look a lot better than they actually taste? It wasn’t the case at all here. Everything tasted and felt fresh, and while it wasn’t necessarily perfect by any means, it was certainly very good!

IMG_2049 copy

IMG_2050 copy IMG_2053 copy

And being reunited with J was the sticky chocolate icing on this slice of chocolate-orange cake.


… Since J puts the friend in blueberry friand. (So ok, this looks like a financier but I swear it tasted more like a friand. And I promise I actually know how to pronounce ‘friand’. LEAVE ME BE.)

IMG_2060 copy

… And would never break my heart, though we’ll happily split an orange tart.

IMG_2062 copy

(It’s hard to be poetic about finger sandwiches, since I think, when you cut off the crusts, you rob the bread of its poetry.) J is the butter to my bread, and the breath to my life.

IMG_2055 copy

And instead of treating my food puns with scorn, I suggest you treat yoself and have a scone (er, you’ll only get this one if you pronounce ‘scone’ in that way).

IMG_2056 copy
IMG_2057 copy

Smothered with clotted cream, the original dream team.

IMG_2059 copy


In all seriousness, this was a very good afternoon tea experience. At £27/person for the champagne afternoon tea (and £20 without the champagne!!!!), less pricey compared to London, but, dare I say it, not lacking or perhaps even surpassing the standard of quite a few expensive places that shall go unnamed. The service was impeccable as well – or maybe I am just saying that because our waiter said I was ADORABLE (HAHAHA), plus I made friends with the cleaner in the loos.



1 Banbury Road, Oxford OX2 6NN


At some point while visiting the loos, I decided to seize the opportunity and make my own multi-tiered beauty simply because I could. Hehe.



Just a few hours after that, we went for tapas at Al-Andalus! We got albondigas (meatballs in rich tomato sauce), pulpo a la Gallega (chopped octopus legs served with boiled potatoes, topped with olive oil, paprika and sea salt), guiso de pescado (seafood cooked in a tomato sauce), esparragos a la plancha (grilled asparagus wrapped with serrano ham), and patatas bravas for less than £15/person.

IMG_8769 IMG_8772 IMG_8773

IMG_8771 IMG_8770



10 Little Clarendon Street, Oxford OX1 2HP


Then we went to Freud for drinks. They have a massive cocktail selection, and I can’t remember what we had exactly, but I think we had the Gina, Moscow Mule, and Raspburi Russian (among others). It was in a cool space, like an old church, complete with very high ceilings and stained glass windows. And in terms of crowds, it was NOT AT ALL like London, meaning there was actually space to stand around or even sit, if you were so inclined. And you can dress like a SCHLOB, which is my specialty. Although there were some Oxford peeps in funky jumpers who were almost giving me a run for my money.

IMG_8774 IMG_8775 IMG_8776

Oh wow, I just realised it’s related to the Freud’s in London! Cool beanz.



119 Walton Street, Oxford OX2 6AH


The next morning we went to Rick’s for breakfast because there’s nothing like some grease to soak up the night’s excesses.

We got the full English and the French toast, plus 2 pots of tea, for about £10 ALTOGETHER, and if you look at the portion-sizes they were definitely not lacking.

photo 2

Granted, it’s nothing uber fancy. They don’t use happy eggs, locally sourced sausages or organically and sustainably farmed tomatoes. But I don’t care because I am an irresponsible consumer. And I make no apologies for it.

But I think any time my toast arrives at my table ALREADY BUTTERED, I am sold.

photo 3

photo 4 photo 5

Our only gripe would be that the French toast was also made with the flaccid cheap bread that comprised our toast, but I emphasise that it’s only because we have been completely and utterly spoilt by our own French toast experiences (an example par excellence being Lantana’s/Foxcroft’s French toast oh my), which usually involve thick-cut brioche, generously laden with expensive choice fruits and some form of whipped ricotta/mascarpone goodness. For a fraction of the cost, this is as good as you can hope to get.



88-90 Cowley Road, Oxford OX4 1JB


Then we went to roam around and ended up at Turl Street Cafe, where I was extremely taken by this talking shell thingy.

photo 37

I really think more places should have this! (But then I just like to talk to strangers hehe.)

We didn’t eat anything there but we had some lovely flat whites.

photo 38

It’s a gorgeous space, really, not just for meals or coffee, but also for solitary reading/studying and group discussions. Or just for sitting around on your lardy ass while you wait for your next meal…



16-17 Turl Street, Oxford OX1 3DH


Speaking of which, YAY LUNCH TIME!!!!!

For lunch, J took me to Pierre Victoire, which I stress is different from the Pierre Victoire in London. It is a cosy little French restaurant housed in a narrow, 3-storey building. Their set menu is very good value for money: 3 courses off their prix fixe menu for £23.50!  We paid just over £30 for 3 courses/person PLUS WINE – a nice Chilean Sauvignon Blanc for under £5/glass.

IMG_2063 copy IMG_2066 copy

Obviously the items on their prix fixe menu always change, so don’t expect to have what we had when you go.

For starters, we had salmon rillette with garlic bread.

IMG_2067 copy

As well as some sort of duck with something like a French caponata of sorts.

IMG_2070 copy

For mains, we had duck confit with potato gratin.

IMG_2073 copy IMG_2076 copy

As well as pan-fried salmon with a creamy leek sauce.

IMG_2075 copy

For desserts – they are very keen to emphasise that all desserts are made from-scratch, in-house – we had banoffee pie.

IMG_2079 copy

And also panna cotta drizzled extremely generously with caramel sauce.

IMG_2078 copy

For what we paid, I really do think everything was very good. The portion-sizes were not astronomically large, but they were definitely more than decent. Everything felt freshly prepared, and neither the salmon nor duck was overcooked (both these proteins being highly vulnerable to over-cooking usually), and everything had the right amount of seasoning on it. I had not thought of having panna cotta with caramel but that was unexpectedly delicious – though I don’t know why it should be unexpected, since they are 2 of my great loves in life. And I’ve been to so many nice places where I’ve absolutely hated the panna cotta, but this actually had a good texture to it.



9 Little Clarendon Street, Oxford OX1 2HP


Later on, J took me to one of her favourite coffee places, The Missing Bean. And it’s not hard to see why she loves it so! It’s a tiny place, super popular with the locals, and they play some good tunes too. And the coffee? The coffee is magical.

I had a fantastic cortado there – cortados being one of my favourite ways to have coffee – and it was so good we had another to share. As well as a slice of pecan pie. Mm yum.

It was a bit of a scramble for seats though. We had to wait around for a bit, and our coffees and pie were already served before we had even found a table.


photo 27photo 26photo 28 photo 6



14 Turl Street, Oxford OX1 3DQ


For dinner that night, we met J’s friends at Kazbar – for more Spanish food!

Kazbar has a really great atmosphere. It was packed and we waited quite a while for a table, but then it was Saturday night, and it didn’t really matter since we got to sit at the bar and get stuck into our drinks! They have a pretty extensive selection as well and I think I managed to try quite a few.

They also had a fantastic variety of tapas. We ordered a whole lot, but I was really hungry so, er, no proper pictures. But I remember the one that stood out for me was the sobrasada. And of course we ended the meal with churros.

photo 7 photo 8 photo 9 photo 10

Even though we had a lot to eat and drink, I think I ended up paying only about £30 or so?!



25-27 Cowley Road, Oxford OX4 1HP


We decided to move on to several bars. We attempted to go to the Mad Hatter, where we had to answer a riddle before we could be buzzed in.

“What is orange and sounds like a parrot?” I started shouting “CARROT CARROT CARROT!!!!!!” See, I’m not from Oxford but even I knew the answer to that, so I’m sure you’ll be fine.

photo 29


Unfortunately, we got bored, so we left.

Then we went to Joe Perks’, which does coffee in the day and drinks at night. I got the awesomely named Planet of the Grapes, because it had elderflower and white grape in it.

photo 30 photo 31

Really nice night.



76, St. Clements Street, Oxford OX4 1AH


The next morning, I was all ready for BREAKFAST!!!!!! I don’t know about you guys, but when I’ve had a lot to drink, for some reason I’m extra energetic and extra hungry the next day – which, given that I am already a Morning Person, always energetic and always hungry, is quite scary I suppose.

J took me to Cafe Coco, where I met the most adorable waitress everrrrrrr who started telling me about how she is saving up to go to India this summer.

Again, a full English was in order because that’s just how we roll. (I love black pudding btw.)

photo 15

photo 33

As well as  waffle loaded up with fresh fruit (ugh).

photo 14

But I’m more a syrup kind of girl.

photo 16

Again, generous portion-sizes, and even with 2 teas, it only came up to about £18.



23 Cowley Road, Oxford OX4 1HP


Immediately after breakfast, J took me to Jericho for coffee.

photo 23

They serve their coffees with adorable jelly babies. (They should be called Jellycho. Though I’m not sure if that’s blasphemous. But whaddya gonna do. I speaker no Engrish ah, so I pronounce my R’s as L’s and vice versa.)

And J also got me this magnificent brick of a salted caramel brownie.

photo 22

I am very rarely impressed by brownies I eat outside but this was very, very good.

If you look closely it has a squidgy layer of salted caramel in the middle, which adds to the great, dense, fudgy texture of the brownie, and at the same time injects a different layer of flavour to the deep, intense chocolatey goodness.

photo 12 photo 11

Yum yum yum.



3 King Edward Street, Oxford OX1 4HS


Then we decided to revisit the Missing Bean for a final cortado before I left half of my heart in Oxford. (But then I literally just saw J again recently hehehe.)

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


And that concludes my fatventures in Oxford! See, I told you you’ll be sorry you ever underestimated how much 2 Asian girls can eat in 2 days in Oxford…

Oh wow, ok, even I am mildly disgusted, since that is how I roll on a daily basis. Hope those of you in London are enjoying the heat wave! I’m off to the Canary Islands for a wholly undeserved break!

Blixen and a toasted banana bread to rival Lantana’s?! (London)

I love meeting people up in Spitalfields and wandering about the markets, but weirdly enough, I’m never eggcited to eat there. There’s so, so much yet nothing at all to eat – or at least, nothing of consequence.

That may have changed. (We shall see.)

I first read about Blixen earlier this year but only finally made it down last Friday for breakfast with my lovely K, and there honestly isn’t anything quite like brunch with a girlfriend to make the mother of all awful weeks just that little bit better. (When I say awful I mean AW-FUL.)

It really wasn’t crowded at all, but I dislike crowds anyway, so I was secretly very pleased by that, speshly since this meant that we got a really nice table by the window and got to bask in the sun!

The people who run it are the same ones behind Riding House Cafe (see post here) and I think the most telling sign is the decor, which, you will find, is very similar.

Menu-wise it’s a lot less extensive. The dishes are very specific, and by this I mean, you get blueberry pancakes or not at all. They don’t spoil you with countless options of what is essentially the same dish. (You know – Eggs Ben, Eggs Royale, Eggs Florentine…) But that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing! Not at all! It just means that their menu is free of clutter, and you don’t have to work out what goes well with what because they’ve already worked it all out for you, with each dish carefully crafted out of components that really, really work.



So these are just glasses of water but I was in love with their adorable squarish designs.


Cappucino (£3), Cortado (£3)

Cappucino (£3), Cortado (£3)

Cortados are my favourite coffee so I order one without hesitation whenever I see it on the menu.

(I apologise in advance for the weird shadows in the photos – it was that damn window-frame!!!!!!)

Pancakes with blueberries and whipped creme fraiche (£6)

Pancakes with blueberries and whipped creme fraiche (£6)


The blueberry pancakes arrive in a great stack, very aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. As soon as they set it down in front of you, you’ll be able to smell the cinnamon. So if you don’t like cinnamon then do stay clear of this one, or ask them to hold it, but I do personally think cinnamon is an important component of this dish, so I urge you to try it with anyway.

The texture of the pancakes weren’t the best ever ever everrr but they were still soft and fluffy, though perhaps lacking a little in moisture. I love the flavors going on in this though, and particularly like that the blueberries took center-stage here. Not too sweet or cloying, cooked to a great consistency, and the generous dusting of cinnamon really coaxed the flavor out of the blueberries even more. The addition of creme fraiche was a nice touch as well.

Would definitely prefer these to most other pancakes I’ve had in London, bar Granger and Co’s ricotta hotcakes of course. (Duh.) Much better than the Breakfast Club pancakes, methinks. Plus thumbs-up for generous portions! (For other breakfast/brunch options, see post here – although that list really has to be updated soon, I think)

I couldn’t decide between the baked eggs (was intrigued that it came with lardons, confit duck and aioli, aka baked eggs with FAT, FAT AND FAT, aka the best possible combination) and the croque madame (which came with raclette, jamon and fried duck egg, 3 of my very favorite things). Hmm. So I asked the waitress for help and she recommended the Croque Madame, “hands down”.

And since she was unhesitating, so I was unquestioning. Croque Madame it was.


Croque Madame: jamon, raclette, duck egg (£8.50)

Croque Madame: jamon, raclette, duck egg (£8.50)

It arrived with a rather perfect, beautiful fried egg perched quietly atop.

Which just screams for more pictures!



But enough of the eggsterior! Time for EATS.

Alas, few fried eggs are truly perfect. While this looked like an absolute winner, with a crispy circumference you can only get from a good amount of oil, and very evenly cooked white, I would have preferred my yolk just a tad runnier. Just a tad. I promise we were very almost there.

You see, half of the yolk was still desirably runny.


My egg woes aside, this was kind of a perfect sandwich, a great take on the classic Croque Madame. Some of you purists may think that the ingredients sound rather eggstravagant for what’s meant to be a simple sandwich but  I completely disagree. The raclette, jamon and fried duck egg are admittedly an eclectic mix, but it definitely works. Raclette is known to be good for melting, and jamon has so much more complex a flavour than normal ham (though I would happily change my name to Stephamie), and er apparently 1 duck egg has your entire day’s worth of cholesterol, so how can you possibly say no to that?!?! Plus the bread had a crispy crust and a sweet egginess that I really appreciated against the intense savoriness of the jamon and raclette.



Approve. I’ll happily order this again, although I do wish it came in a bigger serving as I liked it so much I was begging for more hehehe. Ok I shall stop now.

Anyway, I ordered a mint tea because I love to eat and drink clean like that.

Mint tea (£2.50)

Mint tea (£2.50)

LOL. No, I actually just needed something for my cold. And to prepare my tummy for…


I mean, I HAVE to have both a savoury and sweet option for brunch whenever possible. It’s only right!

Actually scratch that. When toasted banana bread is on the menu, I need make no excuses. I’ve waxed lyrical about how much I love love love toasted banana bread, and Lantana’s is always great (btw, the Old Street branch that used to be called ‘Salvation Jane’ is now called Lantana as well, see post here and here). But very few places offer it, so I was incredibly excited to see this on the menu, and wanted to see how this one stacked up. The question is: Can it rival Lantana’s?!?!

And the verdict? Yes it can. It really can. 


Toasted banana bread with whipped vanilla butter (£3.50)

Toasted banana bread with whipped vanilla butter (£3.50)


It comes with whipped vanilla butter but of course I had to ask for maple syrup and proceed to drown the banana bread in it. As should you. Banana + maple = awesome.




It comes in thinner slices than Lantana’s banana bread, which meant that the crisp-outside-to-moist-interior ratio was better. But portion-wise probably works out to be the same since here they give you 2 thin slices and Lantana gives you 1 fat slice. The aroma of the banana is stronger in Lantana’s but the taste was definitely present here as well. This was slightly sweeter, but what really made it stand out is the accompanying whipped vanilla butter, which is generously dotted with vanilla specks, and is distinctly savoury (they probably used salted butter), which makes it a great contrast to the sweet banana bread.

And so I can say that I would quite happily recommend this as well.

Overall, I can definitely see myself returning. I don’t know if I’ll be able to try anything new, because I may very well order the Croque Madame and toasted banana bread again. I don’t know if I can give this place my ringing endorsement quite yet, because I have yet to try much here, but as far as first impressions go, I’m very impressed, and, for what it’s worth, am far more likely to come here than Riding House Cafe. Service staff here are very attentive and pleasant as well. Also it was really quite cheap. Oh my, I’ve just realised that the toasted banana bread here is A LOT cheaper than Lantana’s. Hmm……………….

But ok I’m still very loyal and will always love Lantana – do go check it out if you haven’t yet been!

If you happen to be around Spitalfields some time, do come and try their breakfast menu! But if you dare order granola, end up disliking it, and writing to me to complain, I swear I will kill you, dehydrate and bake you to a crisp, coat you in the sticky syrup of your own congealed blood, and have you as a topping over yogurt which I will harvest from the milk in your livers (um, milk-livered = cowardly, in case you were wondering lol). Ok that took an unexpected turn. But yeah Pet Peeve Numero Uno.

Let’s just say Im no longer afraid of having brunch in Spitalfields.



65A Brushfield Street
London E1 6AA


Later on I met H in Covent Garden to soak up the last of the afternoon sun. We were just looking for somewhere to chill when we walked by Kopapa, which was extremely empty, so I decided that we should go there as it had been ages since my last visit!

We didn’t have a proper meal here but just for your reference, the items I like off the brunch menu here are the Turkish baked eggs, the chorizo hash and the French toast! I haven’t tried the rest of their menus so I can’t vouch for them.



Sea salt caramel smoothie (£4.50)

Sea salt caramel milkshake (£4.50)


I was craving something cool and sweet and this really hit the spot. It tasted like a melted-down caramel-flavored vanilla ice-cream (which I stress is different from full-on caramel ice-cream, which would just be meh and too one-dimensional), with a good texture – the smoothie was not too thick or icy. The best part was the salted caramel drizzle around the glass, which I was using the end of the straw to scoop up. I’m definitely ordering this again.

And to go with a sweet, creamy smoothie, what else do you crave when the sun is out in full force?

Rosemary fries (£3.70)

Rosemary fries (£3.70)


Fries, of course! The bowl that it comes in seems pretty small but there is actually quite a lot in there, and for me to think it’s enough, I’m pretty sure it’s enough for you too. The rosemary aroma and flavour is quite strong.

I promise I’ll do a proper Kopapa post sometime. Can’t think why I’ve never done one.



32-34 Monmouth Street

Seven Dials, Covent Garden

London, UK WC2H 9HA

1 2 3 4 38