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Bodean’s, L’eto Caffe & Salvation Jane (London)

Last weekend, W came to London for a night. Which really can mean only one thing: food.

Because her birthday is coming up, we planned a bit of a surprise for her. I ordered a gorgeous cake from L’Eto Caffe, and popped in to pick it up before dinner. The lady in L’Eto laughed when she saw what I had gotten written on the cake - pictures later! Wait for it! :D :D :D Anyway, as the cake was meant to be a surprise, I specifically brought my Celine out, because its massive square base and structured sides makes it the perfect vessel for carting around an entire boxed cake without arousing any suspicion.

After that, I skipped on down the road to Poland Street, as we had arranged to meet at Bodean’s. I love a good barbecue and Pitt Cue Co. does an amazing one but I don’t always fancy queuing for hours just to get in. Having said that, it’s not as if you can skip the queues at Bodean’s either, because you can’t, especially not on a Saturday night, but I would say that it’s not as bad. Plus, while waiting, you get to bask in the warm, cozy fug of barbecue and breathe in the scent of meat that hangs around the place like a thick, lazy, delicious cloud.

I arrived at about 645PM, put my name down for a table and was told that we had to wait until 730PM. Which was fine, really, because we got to sit outside under the heaters just catching up on one another’s lives. In fact, you can actually grab a drink at the bar while you wait inside, or on the benches outside until your name is yelled.

W said I literally sprung up in eggcitement when my name was yelled.

We sat in the deli section, which was packed, though there is the restaurant section downstairs as well that is reserved mainly for large groups. There were some seats facing the wall and, while I can understand the use of mirrors to make an enclosed space seem larger and more open, would I really want to watch myself while I’m eating barbecue?!?!?! Can’t tell you how awkward it was every time I looked up and saw someone watching me stuff my face – remember how I said I’m not a particularly pretty eater? In particular, there was this baby-faced man with small hands sat at the table opposite and he looked rather terrified as I tore away rather ferociously at my meat.

The ordering system here is very simple. Once you’ve perused the menu and made your choice, approach the bar/counter and place your order. You will have to pay on the spot, and make sure you retain your receipts because they may ask to look at them when they bring the food to your table. Do listen out for your number! We felt so bad for the wait staff, who were constantly yelling out numbers above the incredible noise.

Half slab baby back ribs (£9.95), with sweet potato fries (+£2.25) and coleslaw 
Half slab spare ribs, with normal fries and coleslaw (£13.95) 
I did some research and apparently baby back ribs come from the loin area of the pig, right next to the actual loin, while the spare ribs come from the breast part, next to the belly. Spare ribs are supposedly more meaty and fatty than baby back ribs, which therefore cook faster. 
Anyway, technicalities and foodnerdishness aside, smothered in a thick, sticky, tasty sauce and whacked on to a hot grill until gloriously glazed and burnished, both were delicious. The spareribs are a lot harder to eat though, and after a while, H (who was unfortunately saddled with them throughout the meal) very sweetly played mother and cut the meat off the bone for me. <3
BBQ Burnt Ends and Pulled Pork (£13.95), with sweet potato fries (+£2.25) and coleslaw 
The pulled pork and burnt ends were both very tasty and tender. My personal favorite, that I get every time I come to Bodean’s, is the burnt ends, which are really ‘slow-smoked chunks of beef brisket’, because I find them the most flavorful. The good thing about the pulled pork and the burnt ends both is how easy they are to eat – you literally only need a fork to engage in some heavy-duty shoveling action, and you’ll never have to get your hands dirty.

We all loved the sweet potato fries, which were great with the homemade BBQ sauces provided in squeezy bottles on the tables.

And finally, while coleslaw is not a particularly interesting item, I find that it is strictly necessary here as an accompaniment. The cool creaminess and slight crunch of the coleslaw helps all that meat and potato go down a bit more easily.

Corn Bread Muffins (£2.50)
The corn bread muffins were served hot with a bit of butter. Soft, fluffy and ever so slightly sweet, I could – and did – eat them on their own.